Willow Creek Market Farm

Willow Creek Market Farm began when our family realized that we all had our own gardens, growing much of the same produce.  Why not, we decided, pool our talents, share the labor, and share the bounty?

We would be the first to tell you that we are relatively new at organized farming, but between us we have over thirty years of assorted growing experience, and varying levels of gardening skills.  There are unique talents that each of us has to make this farm a success.

Our farm is not Certified Organic, but we do not use sprays or fertilizers that are not organic, nor do we “blanket” our crops with preventive chemicals.  Our chickens have the run of the place, and are fed locally sourced feed to supplement the seeds, tender grasses, and insects that make up much of their diet.

We hope you enjoy our  products, and keep coming back for more!

— Willow Creek Market Farm