Special Events

This Week at Market Fair – Oct. 8

This week Market Fair profiles Finca Mirasol, a local farm that specializing in free-range chickens and an assortment of vegetables. They also grow black beans. Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, known for his work with the Rural Enterprise Center – a program of Main Street Project, was able to produce a cold climate variety of the native Guatemalan black turtle bean in Minnesota! Read more here.

Prairie Creek Community School is hosting a Poetry Making Activity this Saturday starting at 10:00 a.m. at the welcome tent that will encourage Fair goers of all ages to exercise their own poetry writing skills. Using magnetic poetry kits, one can build their own expressive thoughts on the spot! A microphone will be available on-site for those interested in reciting their literary work.

Also, mark you calendars for Oct. 15th’s Harvest Festival! This is a family friendly celebration with seasonal farmers market goods, live entertainment, and art activities from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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This Week at Market Fair – Oct. 1

Grab a cup of coffee before perusing the art scene at Riverwalk Market Fair this Saturday from Premiere Coffee Café. Brewed just moments before the cup is put in your hand, you know you’re getting it fresh! And who could resist that aroma permeating through the brisk autumn air at Market Fair? Plus, it’s certified organic and fair trade.  In addition to gourmet coffee, Premiere Coffee Café also serves iced coffee, hot chocolate, cold water and organic juices.

Next, quiz yourself at the Exhibit of Mathematical Art at the Welcome Tent starting at 10:00 a.m. The handsome collection of interactive puzzles and games, made of Minnesota hardwoods, can be enjoyed by all ages. Loren Larson, professor emeritus of mathematics at St. Olaf College and mathematical puzzle expert, constructed the inquisitive pieces while working with award-winning mathematics writer Barry Cipra. The puzzles and games can be appreciated on a number of levels, from novice to expert. The display will include building blocks for sculpture and design, put-together and take-apart puzzles, arrangement puzzles, sequential movement puzzles, sliding block puzzles, and two-person games.

Also, the Rotary Club of Northfield is hosting a fundraiser (a chance to win a 2011 Chrysler 200) at Riverwalk Market Fair this Saturday. The proceeds will benefit numerous Rotary initiatives and community groups including: Polio Eradication, Youth Exchange, NHS Student Scholarships, Bike Trails, Disaster Relief, Literacy, Northfield Union of Youth (Key) Shelter Box, & the Soccer Fields.

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This Week at the Market – Sept. 24

This week Riverwalk Market Fair offers some tasty bites for the crowds. Dan Borek‘s hot dog cart serves up 100% grass fed beef from Thousand Hills Cattle Company with fresh, locally-baked buns topped with zesty condiments like onions, relish, and sauerkraut all made close to home.  Klaus Huehn brings his famous sausage — a recipe from his homeland in Germany — to Riverwalk’s “European Fair” providing locals with an authentic experience of this flavorful food. (Don’t forget to add some of Luigi Sison’s German mustard for the real deal.) At the Welcome Tent is a demonstration of lacto-fermented foods like Carrot – Ginger – Kraut complements of Spring Wind Farm starting at 10:00 a.m. Try some samples, pick up healthy recipes to make at home, and visit Riverwalk Market Fair’s blog for more recipe ideas.

The Northfield Area United Way will be on site to exhibit their 2011 LIVE UNITED Gallery as part of its fall fundraising campaign. The Gallery showcases some of the local non-profits that get funding through Northfield Area United Way. It also profiles individuals who participate in United Way in different ways. Learn how donations are spent locally and see how they help keep Northfield strong.

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