2017 Vendors Meeting Held April 30th

At the vendor’s meeting, we introduced the Board members; we have 3 new ones–Rick Hirsch, Marcy Goss, and Anna Chance.  We introduced Brian Randolph, the new market manager.
We explained that the City of Northfield intends to end its subsidy of the market, so that, over the next three years, we need to either reduce expenses or increase income by about $10,000. So this year we are reducing our print media ads and going to more social media, increasing the number of vendor spots in the market, and increasing the $12/week vendor fee to $13/week. Next year we will continue to adjust our budget. Many people made helpful suggestions.
We answered questions from new vendors, and we handed out this year’s postcards. If you want a supply to hand out for publicity, let me know, and we can arrange to get you some.  We will also have posters to hand out to downtown businesses and tote bags for sale.
If you are interested in being a vendor this year please contact Brian @ or by calling 507-301-8203.  Our first market fair is coming up soon, June 3rd from 9 am to 1 pm!

2017 Applications Now Available…

All of the rules, guides, and applications have been updated, and are located on the “Be A Vendor” tab. We look forward to seeing you as part of the 2017 season!

Thanks for a Great 2016 Season!



Thanks to so many including our Board of Directors, founding visionaries, Market Manager, Deputy Manager, and set-up guys.josh-ruebeck-briannon-carlsen-2




Thanks to the musicians who entertain us, and who help to create the energy and atmosphere that is Riverwalk Market Fair.

Pat McBride 2015-08-29.smThank you to our vendors who work so hard every day, all year, to create, grow, and make wholesome, beautiful, useful, natural products.

Thanks to the City of Northfield, Northfield’s downtown business community, Northfield Police, non-profit organizations, and residents of Northfield, who have helped to build, support, and sustain our market over the past seven years.


And thank you, most of all, to everyone who attends, buys, travels to, enjoys, and helps by your presence to create Riverwalk Market Fair.

Our Market exists for you and because of you.  Thank you all for making it happen!

See you in 2017!