Vintage Band Festival

Vintage Band Festival Music, Fine Photographs, and Tasty Broccoli, Cabbage, and Produce at Saturday’s Riverwalk Market Fair

Summer flowers and produce

Summer flowers and produce

Northfield’s Riverwalk Market Fair, Saturday, August 2, from 9 am to 1 pm – rain or shine. Located Downtown on Bridge Square. Summer Produce, Artisan Foods, Art and Fine Craft.

Summer Produce, Artisan Foods, Art and Fine Craft

Farmers have summer produce including fresh-picked salad greens, snow peas, green beans, radishes, broccoli, zucchini, Asian and head cabbage, kohlrabi, cucumber, kale, potatoes, carrots and herbs, along with eggs, and flowers. Local, hothouse-grown heirloom tomatoes are now available. Artisan foods include fresh-baked breads and delicious sweet and savory pastries, jams, jellies, jams, and pickles.

Photographs, handcrafted leather goods, ceramics, fused glass art, fiber art, greeting cards, hand crafted accessories, and jewelry are among the art and fine crafts for sale.

Mississippi Hills Farm Grows Tasty Broccoli

Adam Weeks of Mississippi Hills

Adam Weeks of Mississippi Hills

Mississippi Hills farm grows especially wonderful tasting broccoli, cabbage, and anything else in the brassica (cruciferous) plant family (that’s everything related to mustard, cabbage, and broccoli). Adam Weeks says its because the farm has rich, fertile soil and has been organic long before Mississippi Hills was established. Cows were pastured on the land for 50 years before Mississippi Hills was started, and that certainly helped too! Weather permitting Adam will have tomatoes soon, perhaps even this week. Look for heirloom varieties and sun gold cherry tomatoes. Check out the green peppers and fragrant basil. Adam’s mom Mary has started helping out on Saturdays, so drop by to meet her.

Chris Casper, Emergent Visions Photography

photo by Chris Casper

Photo by Chris Casper

Chris Casper is staying close to home in the Midwest for his current photos. The Western landscapes Chris photographed in 2013 lend themselves to grand vistas. In Minnesota a photographer needs to look for intimate images, and finding intimate views takes familiarity. Some of Chris’s best photos are right outside his house – views of his driveway and the across the road in various

Costumed brass player, a fan, and a horn at the Vintage Band Festival

Costumed brass player, a fan, and a horn at the Vintage Band Festival

seasons of the year. Walking along the driveway one day the light and color were perfect and resulted in a vibrant, almost florescent, green image of an intimate Midwest lane.

Vintage Band Festival

The Vintage Band Festival is back this Saturday with 12 bands in 12 hours. That means they have to start early, which is good news for Riverwalk Market Fair. While browsing art and seasonal produce enjoy the New Prague Area Community Band, the Sheldon Theater Brass Band, the Bridge Square Band, and “Swing and a Miss” old time dance band. Stock up on goodies for your picnic, bring your chair, and stay all day for brass band music from civil war to old time swing and jazz.

Summer Vegetables, Fresh Flowers, New Harvest Honey, Funky Glass, and lots of Brass Bands at Saturday’s Riverwalk Market Fair

NORTHFIELD, Minn. (July 29, 2013) – Fresh summer flowers and vegetables, the first new honey of the season, funky glass, and a bounty of brass band music will be featured this Saturday, August 3 at Northfield’s Riverwalk Market Fair.  This weekend is the Vintage Band Festival, so on Saturday morning Riverwalk will be sharing Bridge Square with four great brass bands.

Seasonal Produce From Local Farmers, Artisan Foods, Art and Fine Craft

Summer produce season is in full swing.  Expect to find fresh flowers, kale, zucchini, summer squash, carrots, onions, broccoli, potatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, hot peppers, bell peppers, cabbage, and eggs grown by local farmers.  News on the tomato watch: Farmers are likely to have cherry tomatoes and big slicing tomatoes could appear in another week if the weather is favorable.  Artisan foods include a variety of fresh-baked breads, pastries, tarts and quiches from Martha’s Eats and Treats, Crack of Dawn Artisan Breads, Rebecca’s Greek Kouzina, and Archibald Mills.  Maria’s Taco Hut serves freshly made and wholesome Mexican food.

Watercolors, photographs, handcrafted leather goods, ceramics, glass art, hand crafted accessories, and jewelry are among the art and fine crafts for sale.  (For a complete list of the vendors scheduled for this Saturday visit

Laura Heiman of Schoolhouse Apiary brings 2013 new harvest honey to Riverwalk on Saturday

Laura Heiman of Schoolhouse Apiary brings 2013 new harvest honey to Riverwalk on Saturday.

Featured Farmer: Schoolhouse Apiary

Laura Heiman of Schoolhouse Apiary will be back at Riverwalk Market Fair this Saturday.  The bees have been busy and Laura’s first 2013 honey is ready for market.  Laura keeps bees on the Heiman’s acreage near Cannon Falls, where you will find, you guessed it, an old schoolhouse.  Her honey is raw, unheated and filtered straight from the hives.  “Heating honey damages the delicate floral flavors,” she explains.

As with many beekeepers, Laura lost all her hives this spring from a combination of weakness due to mites and the unseasonably late May snow storms.  She got replacement queens with their attendant bees, which lived for days in boxes on the porch of her Northfield home making excited bee noises.  Check out her Facebook description of how you get bees from their shipping package into their new hive homes.  And check out the new harvest honey this Saturday.


Featured Artist: Dale’s Funky Glass

Dale Brown of Dales Funky Glass at Riverwalk Market Fair

Dale Brown of Dales Funky Glass at Riverwalk Market Fair

Dale Brown of Dales’ Funky Glass uses a multi-step process to create many of his glass designs.  First strips of colored glass are stacked in a frame, placed in the kiln, and allowed to melt into a puddle the shape of a square with stripes of color running through the mass.  Dale slices the square into strips, stacks the strips so the pattern emerges in a new direction, and melts them again to fuse the strips into a new design.

Another technique starts with pieces of colored glass on a sieve in the kiln.  The glass melts and drips though the sieve in a pattern that Dale then cuts to fit a finished piece.

When not at Riverwalk Dale is a art lab assistant at Normandale Community College where he works with students in printmaking, glass, and photography. 

The Vintage Band Festival!

 Riverwalk Market Fair will be sharing Northfield’s Bridge Square with the Vintage Band Festival on Saturday.  Tell your friends, because this is a world-class, four-day, one-of-a-kind music event right here in Northfield.  Saturday morning will feature the New Prague Area Community Band at 10 am, The Lake Wobegon Brass Band at 11 am,  a Battle of the Civil War Bands from opposite banks of the Cannon River at noon, and a performance by the massed Civil War bands on the Fourth Street Bridge at 1 pm.  Grab your Riverwalk coffee and breakfast pastries and enjoy the festival.

About Riverwalk Market Fair

Riverwalk Market Fair is a Saturday open-air market located on Bridge Square in historic downtown Northfield.  This one-of-a-kind European-style market is open Saturdays from June through October. Each Saturday features a different combination of organic and sustainably grown produce from local farmers, artisan foods, seasonal flowers and a juried selection of the region’s top art and fine crafts including ceramics, art works, prints, photography, glasswork, textiles, wearable art, garden sculpture and hand-crafted jewelry.  Hours are 9 am to 1 pm rain or shine.  For more information, visit Riverwalk Market Fair at