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Summer Vegetables, Fresh Flowers, Art Photography and a Brass Band at Saturday’s Riverwalk Market Fair

Fresh summer flowers, lovely art photographs, and a brass band will be featured this Saturday, July 27 at Northfield’s Riverwalk Market Fair.  Kids can “Bang, Blow, and Toot” on brass band instruments courtesy of St. Olaf College’s Manitou Regimental Brass Band.  At 11 am and noon be alert for a surprise entertainment.  Watch carefully or you might not see it flash by.

Seasonal Produce From Local Farmers, Artisan Foods, Art and Fine Craft

Summer produce season is in full swing.  Expect to find kale, salad greens, zucchini, summer squash, scallions, broccoli, beets, cucumbers, eggplant, green beans, hot peppers, bell peppers, Napa cabbage, and eggs grown by local farmers.  Artisan foods include a variety of fresh-baked breads, pastries, tarts and quiches from Martha’s Eats and Treats, Crack of Dawn Artisan Breads, Rebecca’s Greek Kouzina, and Archibald Mills.  Maria’s Taco Hut serves freshly made Mexican food.

Watercolors, photographs, handcrafted leather goods, ceramics, glass art, hand crafted accessories, and jewelry are among the art and fine crafts for sale.

Earl rides along as Mike Lech hoes flower beds at Humble Pie Farm

Earl rides along as Mike Lech hoes flower beds at Humble Pie Farm

Featured Farmer: Humble Pie Farm

Fresh flowers that “nourish the spirit” are the specialty of Jennifer Nelson and Mike Lech of Humble Pie Farm.  Humble Pie Farm’s colorful Riverwalk booth includes sunflowers, stunning double ruffle cosmos, zinnias, Irish bells, and tall snapdragons, grown using organic methods.  Mike says the flowers are growing well after a slow start.  “Plenty of rain, along with recent sunny, hot days have made for a great crop.”  Mike and Jennifer create bouquets of simple, full, bohemian design, allowing the natural beauty and symmetry of the flowers to shine.

Mike and Jennifer are farming their own plot for the first time this year through the Organic Field School, an incubator program that helps farmers transition to owning their own operations.  Through the Field School, Mike and Jennifer rent and work a ¼ acre plot of flowers and rent a tractor and other equipment.  This gives them a chance to build their own proven income stream and track record while they work up to buying farmland of their own.

Mike and Jennifer are joined this year by new farmer and vendor Earl, aged 6½ months, who loves riding is the backpack while Dad weeds the family flowers.

Featured Artist: Patsy Dew Pix

Self portrait by Patsy Dew.

Self portrait by Patsy Dew.

Patsy Dew looks for inspiration and a distinct play of light in her photographs.  A milkweed plant filtered through Patsy’s camera becomes a 4th of July fireworks starburst, the silk threads glowing light filaments.  Some photos turn into journal books, or intricate folded Turkish puzzles that open to reveal images within.  Others become boxes with surprises when you lift the lid.  One has a florescent green and red bug hidden inside.  Patsy tells the bug and flowers thank you when she takes their pictures.  Maybe that’s what makes the green bug and the milkweed glow.

The Manitou Regimental Brass Band

The Manitou Regimental Brass Band wil host a “Bang, Blow, and Toot” activity for kids.

Bang, Blow, and Toot kids activity by the Manitou Regimental Brass Band

The Manitou Regimental Brass Band returns to Riverwalk Market Fair at 11 pm to play vintage and classic brass band music.  If you imagine “loud” when you think brass band, think again.  Expect sweet music from the 19th and 20th centuries.  The Bridge Square Band opens Riverwalk’s Saturday entertainment at 9:30.  And if you like these bands, be ready for a banquet of band music a week from Saturday when The Vintage Band Festival comes to Riverwalk Market Fair.

Ever wanted to try playing a bugle?  Kids can “Bang, Blow, and Toot” on brass instruments this Saturday at Riverwalk.  Learn to buzz on a mouthpiece or make a great big tuba sound courtesy of the Manitou Regimental Brass Band.


Every Riverwalk Saturday brings something new and surprising.  This Saturday be alert for a surprising bit of fun at 11 am and 12 noon.  Be alert.  You never know what or who might flash by.


This Week at the Market! – July 16

Floating World Tea will present four new and unique iced teas for thirsty Riverwalk Market Fair goers this weekend! Catch up with photographer, Patsy Dew who takes iconic shots around Northfield and is introducing some new photo books that include original poems. For the kids, we have free bicycle helmets for the first 50, as part of the Bicycle Safety Event which starts at 9:00 a.m. across from the Northfield Post Office.  And at 11:00 a.m., Southern Initiative Foundation’s President/CEO Tim Penny will stop by to personally present a check to Riverwalk Market Fair for a sustainability grant.

(Photo courtesy of Photographer, Patsy Dew)

Patsy Dew

Patsy Dew Pix

I have long been interested in photography as an art form, as a means of artistic expression.  In the era of film, I was careful, judicious in planning each shot.  Digital photography has exploded possibilities for me.  I can experiment with lighting, with freezing action or with layering action shots all on one frame.  Or I can observe as I used to do, and try to record the beauty of the scene when natural illumination creates a magical moment.

About five years ago I started selling some of my images on blank greeting cards.  I worked with another artist, Leslie Schultz, to develop poster-collections of local images (doors of Northfield, St. Olaf & Carleton scenes, downtown Northfield, Northfield Primaries (colors).  During the past five years I have also exhibited enlargements of my work at the Northfield Arts Guild Gallery (Other Room), the Hideaway, the Crossings in Zumbrota and the Northfield Senior Center.

Recently I learned some techniques for making Artists’ Books, and have been enjoying creating collections of my related images, along with original poems, in one-of-a-kind books.

– Patsy Dew