Luigi Sison

August 18, at Riverwalk Market Fair Visitors Can Expand Their Tastes

This Saturday’s featured food artisans at Riverwalk Market Fair are out to challenge the Midwestern palate as they invite visitors to explore new tastes by sampling their creative concoctions. Meanwhile the Fair’s featured artist showcases his eclectic tastes in small and large, brightly colored and subtle fused-glass works. Visitors also will be able to meet and support three groups of industrious youth entrepreneurs, listen to musical favorites and learn what a local nonprofit has to offer families for recreation and learning starting this fall.

Featured Food Artisans: Luigi Sison and Klaus Thuringer

Luigi Sison and Klaus Thuringer are Northfield natives by way of the Philippines and Germany respectively. They enjoy nothing better than spreading their love of creative mustards, jams and pickled concoctions at Riverwalk Market Fair. Someone mentioned to Sison that he liked Jack Daniels so Sison made up a batch of Jack Daniels barbeque sauce. Other creative spreads made by the duo include mango rum jam, rhubarb orange marmalade, Ozark peach jam and garlic mustard. “I bring local and authentic methods to my cooking including making my own pectin from apples,” Sison states with pride.

 Featured Artist: Dale Brown

Featured artist Dale Brown ( uses various methods and types of glass to make unique pieces of fused glass art including: plates and platters, trivet plates, business card holders, sushi plates and pendants/cabachons. Brown enjoys the interaction of colors and the patterns that form his work. In addition to Riverwalk Market Fair, his fused glass is currently displayed in the Small Works show at the Northfield Arts Guild. Brown also teaches glass fusing.

Youth Booth: SEEDS Farm, Pachamama Kids & The Key

Luke Meyers is mentored in farming at SEEDS Farm and will sell locally harvested produce at the Fair on Saturday. SEEDS, which stands for Social Entrepreneurship, Environmental Design and Stewardship, provides a junior farmer program to connect children to the process of growing food. Also at the Youth Booth, Emilio Lobo Alvarez, Isabela Alvarez and Zoe Muluihill will sell their homemade baked goods under the name Pachamama Kids and youths from the Northfield Union of Youth (The Key), including Cliff Martin and Frank Meyer, will sell homemade dog treats.

Friend of the Market: Northfield YMCA

The Northfield YMCA will be at the Fair’s Welcome Tent promoting their fall programs.


Musical Highlight: Multe

Jon Bjork and friends comprise this popular ensemble (named after a Norwegian berry) that play a special blend of Nordic tunes.

Luigi Sison

Luigi Sison crafts delicious artisan foods using local and natural ingredients. This season, Luigi is selling jams, pickles, sauces, spices, preserved and dehydrated foods, and baked goods. Each item is unique, like his rhubarb jams paired with apples, oranges, kiwis, and hibiscus flowers. He also makes jams and preserves from raspberries, strawberries, peaches, wild plums, chokecherries, tomatoes, melons, corn, chili peppers, sweet bell peppers, apples, and ginger. The jams contain only natural pectin which  he produces himself from apples and lemons. They do not use fillers or artificial colors. Luigi’s pickles, sauces and spices are mostly Asian inspired, like Korean Pickled Cabbage (Kimchi), Thai Peanut Sauce, and Chinese Sichuan Pepper Salt. Occasionally, he prepares other ethnic specialties, such as German Mustard and (Greek and/or Turkish) Baklava.