Klaus Huehn

This Week at the Market – Sept. 24

This week Riverwalk Market Fair offers some tasty bites for the crowds. Dan Borek‘s hot dog cart serves up 100% grass fed beef from Thousand Hills Cattle Company with fresh, locally-baked buns topped with zesty condiments like onions, relish, and sauerkraut all made close to home.  Klaus Huehn brings his famous sausage — a recipe from his homeland in Germany — to Riverwalk’s “European Fair” providing locals with an authentic experience of this flavorful food. (Don’t forget to add some of Luigi Sison’s German mustard for the real deal.) At the Welcome Tent is a demonstration of lacto-fermented foods like Carrot – Ginger – Kraut complements of Spring Wind Farm starting at 10:00 a.m. Try some samples, pick up healthy recipes to make at home, and visit Riverwalk Market Fair’s blog for more recipe ideas.

The Northfield Area United Way will be on site to exhibit their 2011 LIVE UNITED Gallery as part of its fall fundraising campaign. The Gallery showcases some of the local non-profits that get funding through Northfield Area United Way. It also profiles individuals who participate in United Way in different ways. Learn how donations are spent locally and see how they help keep Northfield strong.

For more information on Market Fair, visit www.riverwalkmarketfair.org.



Klaus Huehn

I am from Thuringia, the sausage capital of Germany.  My recipe is based on a very old tradition and written recipe that dates back to the early 1400s.  Famous Germans like Martin Luther, Johann Sebastian Bach, Goethe, Schiller, and Nietzsche all lived in Thuringia and ate this sausage.  I have been working on perfecting this recipe in my own kitchen for a long time.  Since moving to the United States  twenty years ago I have missed the sausages of my home.  Finally, after years of despair, I was able to recreate the sausages of my Fatherland and share it with my new countrymen.

– Klaus Huehn