Music by Kaia Schomburg; Jewelry, Art and Fine Crafts, Handmade Natural Soaps, Local Produce and Artisan Foods at August 19 Riverwalk Market Fair

Music by Kaia Schomburg, fresh local produce and artisan foods, the area’s finest art and crafts, and the Northfield Public Library Book Bike, all at Riverwalk Market Fair, Saturday August 19 from 9 am to 1 pm, rain or shine, in historic downtown Northfield’s Bridge Square.


Seasonal Produce from Local Farmers, Artisan Foods, Art and Fine Crafts

Local farmers have early summer produce including fresh-picked romaine, green and red butter lettuce, Swiss chard, arugula, kale, kohlrabi, fennel, rhubarb, spinach, radishes, green onions, garlic scapes, peas, potatoes, zucchini, cilantro, broccoli, and herbs, as well as local soil-grown tomatoes, and handmade natural soaps.  Artisan foods include fresh-baked breads, delicious sweet and savory pastries, cookies and cupcakes, jams and jellies, and locally roasted coffee.

Jewelry, fiber art, watercolor paintings, photography, glass art, and pottery are among the fine art and fine crafts for sale.  All art and fine crafts are original work, designed and created by the artists.

For a complete list of the vendors scheduled for this Saturday visit

Featured Farmer:  Goodtree Farmstead


   The Welbaum family purchased their fourteen-acre farm in Northfield (Greenvale Township) in 2006.  They then began restoring the farm in 2016 and started providing shaved ice from scratch natural flavors and kid favorites as well as hot dogs and soda pop.  Their shaved ice is well known around the market fair and is a big hit with kids of all ages.

Featured Artist: Melissa Henning Ceramics

Melissa found her love for ceramics in 2013 when she took a Intro to Ceramics class at St. Olaf College.  Since then she has been working as a teaching assistant and continuing making amazing ceramics.  She makes a wide variety of hand built ceramic pieces in which she sells occasionally at the Riverwalk Market Fair.

Vendors are Needed at Riverwalk Market Fair

We are always looking for high quality farms, artisan foods, and artists as vendors for the Riverwalk Market Fair.  If you fill that description, please go to and click on “Become a Vendor”.  From there you can find applications for the 2017 season.  If you have questions email

Kaia Schomburg to play August 19 at Riverwalk Market Fair

            Kaia is a young lady who has a beautiful voice and is very talented at playing the ukulele.  She sings and plays a variety of music and it will be a real treat to have her back on Saturday.




About Riverwalk Market Fair

Riverwalk Market Fair is an open-air market located on Bridge Square in historic downtown Northfield.  This one-of-a-kind European-style market is open Saturdays from June through October. Each Saturday features a different combination of sustainably grown produce from local farmers, artisan foods, seasonal flowers and a juried selection of the region’s top art and fine crafts including ceramics, art works, prints, wood working, fused glass, textiles, wearable art and hand-crafted jewelry.  For more information, visit Riverwalk Market Fair at

Vendors this Saturday:

Artists – 

Seam’s Knotty

Zach Stadler Photography

Bumbleberry Stitch

Vagabond Cafe

Angie’s Accessories

Trinket Foundry

Just me Geralyn & Glass

Emergent Visions

Melissa Henning Ceramics

My Enough

Jae Mawby Ceramics

Farmers – 

Pheng Yang Produce

Ruthies Kitchen

Season Flowers

Mississippi Hills Produce

Ruf Acres Farm

Goodtree Farmstead

Groundwire Coffee

Crack of Dawn Bakehouse

Sogn Valley Produce

Martha’s Eats and Treats

Graise Farm

Youth – 

Kenya Jorgenson

Friends of the Market – 

Northfield Public Library Book Bike

Canvas Church

Greater Northfield Sustainability Collaboration


Finca Mirasol Farm – Haslett-Marroquin family

Finca Mirasol is a small farm just north of Northfield in Waterford Township. We raise free-range chicken and grow black turtle beans as well as garlic and an
assortment of veggies. We sell frozen chicken, eggs and beans at the market.
Finca Mirasol is run by the Haslett-Marroquin family, Reginaldo, Amy, William, Nicktae
and Lars. The Marroquin family has been farming in Guatemala for generations. The
turtle beans are a Guatemalan staple, which Reginaldo has selected and perfected into a
Minnesota variety, which can be harvested within the shorter growing season of the
northland. We sell them in 2 and 4 pound packages, with “Papa’s Favorite” recipe included.

We sell our chicken frozen and whole at the market. This year, our production features
William’s batch of slow growth broilers from a French developed chicken…..a delicious
breed raised to range and forage which fits well with our principles of raising poultry
naturally. The birds range primarily on organic barley planted in their pastures and are
supplemented with feed from locally grown grain.

While adjusting to life in Minnesota has had its challenges, the support of this community
has allowed us to follow a dream to pursue farming in a sustainable fashion.

– The Haslett-Marroquin family