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SATURDAY, JULY 13 — Due to rain, we will be opening at 10:30 AM today. Will close at 1 PM, as usual. See you there

Fresh Summer Vegetables, Greek Pastry, Leather Goods, Break Dancing, and Chainsaw Art at Saturday’s Riverwalk Market Fair

Greek pastry, breakdancing students, leather goods, Chainsaw art, and of course plenty of summer produce, are just some of what you will find at Riverwalk Market Fair on Saturday, July 13.

Seasonal Produce From Local Farmers, Artisan Foods, Art and Fine Craft

Summer produce season is in full swing.  Expect to find kale, spinach, salad greens, radishes, zucchini, summer squash, scallions, broccoli, beets, cucumbers, eggs, and if the weather continues favorable, carrots and green beans, grown by local farmers.  Artisan foods include a variety of fresh-baked breads, pastries, tarts and quiches from Martha’s Eats and Treats, Crack of Dawn Artisan Breads, Rebecca’s Greek Kouzina, and Archibald Mills.

Watercolors, photographs, handcrafted leather goods, ceramics, glass art, hand crafted accessories, and jewelry are among the art and fine crafts for sale.  (For a complete list of the vendors scheduled for this Saturday visit

Featured Food Artist Rebecca Stoufis of Rebecca’s Greek Kouzina

Rebecca Stoufis of Rebecca's Greek Kouzina

Rebecca Stoufis of Rebecca’s Greek Kouzina

How did a West Virginia girl come to make exquisite Greek pastries for Northfield’s Riverwalk Market Fair?  She met a boy from Athens – Greece, not Georgia — at college in Arizona, that‘s how.  They moved last year to Northfield, where Rebecca Stoufis’ engineer husband designs high performance auto parts.  Rebecca, always a traveller and lover of ethnic food, enjoyed creating Greek delicacies before she met husband Mikolaos.  She offers authentic Greek cookies, cakes, and of course, baklava at Riverwalk Market Fair.

Rebecca’s bestseller?  “Spanakopita.  I can never make enough of it,” she says of the delectable spinach, feta, and filo savories.  This Saturday expect two kinds of baklava, the traditional Greek version with pecans and Mikolaos’ favorite Turkish baklava with pistachios.



Featured Artist Kelly Asada of KD Asada Studio: Handcrafted Leather Goods

Kelly Asada, leatherworker, of KD Asada Studio

Kelly Asada, leatherworker, of KD Asada Studio

Quality is key for Kelly Asada.  As a furniture restorer he is accustomed to working with wood.  He learned to work leather so that he could restore vintage furniture with leather detailing, and from there began to work with leather directly.  “I’m a craftsman on a journey,” says Kelly about his vocation.  “I like working with natural products and creating things that people will use every day.” Kelly is currently at work on a design for a womens’ handbag from beautifully tooled Italian leather.  Expect to see these one-of-a-kind items soon at Riverwalk Market Fair.


Curtis Ingvoldstad, Chainsaw Artist

Curtis Ingvoldstad, Chainsaw Artist

Breakdancing!  Chainsaw Art!

Northfield has some talented breakdancers.  Recent Arcadia Charter School graduate Cliff Martin will gather some friends for breakdance demonstrations.  They’ll teach some moves to any young person who wants to join them.  These young people are a familiar sight in Bridge Square and performed at last May’s Taste of Northfield.What goes with breakdancing?  Chainsaw art, of course!  Minnesota artist Curtis Ingvoldstad handles a chainsaw with the delicacy of a paintbrush, which stands to reason as he began his art career with oil painting and hand carving.  Curtis is among the best of the best internationally, so it’s a privilege to have him at Riverwalk Market Fair.  Stop by this Saturday to see Curtis with chainsaw in hand.

About Riverwalk Market Fair

Riverwalk Market Fair is a Saturday open-air market located on Bridge Square in historic downtown Northfield.  This one-of-a-kind European-style market is open Saturdays from June through October. Each Saturday features a different combination of organic and sustainably grown produce from local farmers, artisan foods, seasonal flowers and a juried selection of the region’s top art and fine crafts including ceramics, art works, prints, photography, glasswork, textiles, wearable art, garden sculpture and hand-crafted jewelry.  Hours are 9 am to 1 pm rain or shine.  For more information, visit Riverwalk Market Fair at