black turtle beans

Finca Mirasol Farm – Haslett-Marroquin family

Finca Mirasol is a small farm just north of Northfield in Waterford Township. We raise free-range chicken and grow black turtle beans as well as garlic and an
assortment of veggies. We sell frozen chicken, eggs and beans at the market.
Finca Mirasol is run by the Haslett-Marroquin family, Reginaldo, Amy, William, Nicktae
and Lars. The Marroquin family has been farming in Guatemala for generations. The
turtle beans are a Guatemalan staple, which Reginaldo has selected and perfected into a
Minnesota variety, which can be harvested within the shorter growing season of the
northland. We sell them in 2 and 4 pound packages, with “Papa’s Favorite” recipe included.

We sell our chicken frozen and whole at the market. This year, our production features
William’s batch of slow growth broilers from a French developed chicken…..a delicious
breed raised to range and forage which fits well with our principles of raising poultry
naturally. The birds range primarily on organic barley planted in their pastures and are
supplemented with feed from locally grown grain.

While adjusting to life in Minnesota has had its challenges, the support of this community
has allowed us to follow a dream to pursue farming in a sustainable fashion.

– The Haslett-Marroquin family