Schoolhouse Apiary – Laura Heiman

Schoolhouse Apiary, owned by Laura Heiman, is a small, family-run beekeeping operation based out of Northfield, Minnesota.  Laura began beekeeping with the help of her grandmother, who also kept bees. Using her grandmother’s techniques and some of her original equipment, Laura is now in her 7th year of beekeeping and second year of selling at Riverwalk Market Fair.  Schoolhouse Apiary tends their bees strictly along organic lines, using no pesticides or antibiotics, and the hives are located on certified organic land.

“The honey our bees gather is all wildflower honey,” Heiman says. “Its composition depends on whatever nectar-bearing plants are blooming at the time.  Depending on the season and the weather, the honey may be lighter or darker, delicately or intensely flavored.  We do not heat our honey, which cooks out the subtle flavors and darkens the color — all our honey is pure, raw, and straight from the hive.”

Schoolhouse Apiary also makes and sells beautiful 100% beeswax candles and ornaments.  “They have a strong scent of honey, a long burn time, and burn cleanly.  Best of all, they are sustainable, local, and completely natural and non-toxic,” Heiman adds.

This Saturday at the Riverwalk Market Fair, Schoolhouse Apiary will be featuring samples of their honey, an observation hive so Market Fair goers can watch the bees in action and pick up some of their favorite honey recipes.  Come by and see them from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.!