Saturday, Sept. 15: Meet a beekeeper, bookbinder and two Bellas!

On Saturday, September 15, Riverwalk Market Fair will be abuzz with excitement as local bees demonstrate the craft of making honey. In addition, booklovers likely will be talking up the nationally exhibited bookbinder at the Fair showcasing the many directions she’s taken her art form, and a pair of pet-loving youths will try out their entrepreneurial wings for the first time.

Featured artist: Heather Bain, bookbinder

When featured artist Heather Bain told her friends that she was going to become a bookbinder after graduating from Carleton College, she was met with more than a little skepticism. But in 2010, she spent two years at the North Bennet Street School in Boston, completing the only full-time bench bookbinding program in the country, before returning to Northfield to ply her trade. Her fine binding of Tolkien’s Silmarillion is currently on tour with the Guild of Book Workers’ national exhibition. At Riverwalk Market Fair she sells decorative papers, blank journals and miniature book jewelry. She also takes commissions. Learn more at

 Featured Farmer: Schoolhouse Apiary, beekeepers

Teacher Laura Heiman started keeping bees and making honey as well as beeswax candles about a decade ago. She named her operation Schoolhouse Apiary and now has 15 hives in bee-yards located in Northfield, Cannon Falls and Nerstrand’s Simple Harvest Farm Organics. This Saturday, Heiman will bring bees so viewers can see them active in the hive. The honey is raw, unheated, filtered honey straight from the hives. “Heating honey damages the delicate floral flavors of honey. Come by for a taste and see for yourself!” she offers.

 Youth Booth: Bella and Bella plus the Key

Bella Smith and Bella Callery do business as “Bella and Bella” and will sell homemade dog biscuits and dog tags for the first time at the Fair Saturday. “We love dogs and we love to give them fun, healthy snacks,” say the dual Bellas. They will be joined by members of the Northfield Union of Youth (the Key, pictured above), who are adding cat toys to sales of their popular homemade dog treats.  Learn more

 Musical Highlight

Bill McGrath (above), Butch Armstrong and Ann Jensen will join together in playing folk favorites.

For Kids

Jennifer Cox Johnson will offer a theatrical reading for kids at 10:30 a.m. behind the Welcome Tent.