Riverwalk Market Fair Making Regional Waves

Northfield’s Riverwalk Market Fair, an artists’ and farmers’ market inaugurated in 2010, was recently highlighted in an article by one of its primary sponsoring organizations, the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation (SMIF). Read full article here.

The weekly, summer-long event promoting area artists, musicians and farmers along Northfield’s Riverwalk was noted for its unique ties to the town’s early days of commerce along the river.

“A century ago, visitors standing on the shores of Northfield’s historic Cannon River would have witnessed the colorful sights of a thriving hub of commercial enterprise. Today, a summer Saturday along the Cannon is equally lively, but the business transacted here has a distinctly family-friendly feel, thanks to the new Riverwalk Market Fair.”

The article also highlighted Northfield as an arts destination and a rich source for local and organic foods. Co-founders Gail Jones Hansen and Dean Kjerland describe the event as “featuring high-quality products that reflect regional talents and tastes.”

Riverwalk Market Fair received grant money last year from SMIF, which generously supported the Fair’s efforts to promote entrepreneurship and attract visitors to Northfield’s vibrant arts and culture community.

SMIF President/CEO Tim Penny also mentioned Riverwalk Market Fair in an article titled, “SMIF Grants incent new ideas and solutions,” referencing Riverwalk Market Fair as a fine example of the program’s success, citing an estimated 12,000 visitors and approximately $120,000 in sales for the 2010 season.

Planning is underway for the 2011 Riverwalk Market Fair season. Kjerland expects another full season ahead and is pleased with the growing interest and support to help localize the town’s economic vitality.