Premiere Coffee Cafe

Premiere Coffee Cafe serves hot and cold beverages. On Saturday mornings Dennis McCarthy and Gayle Wade will greet you with a hot cup of gourmet coffee and a smile.
We serve gourmet coffee, iced coffee, hot chocolate, cold water and organic juices. It cannot miss the wonderful aromatic coffee smell as you approach our booth.

We are proud to serve Wolfgang Puck fair trade and organic coffee, a favorite of restaurants and hotels across the country. Wolfgang Puck Coffee has a commitment to fair trade and sustainability.

This is estate grown organic coffee. For a coffee to be certified organic, it must be grown in a manner that excludes the use of fertilizers pesticides, hormone treatments or steroids. Organic farmers  must instead rely on superior growing practices and natural fertilizers.

Premiere coffee has its office home in Faribault; it is a privately owned company. Dennis McCarthy is the sole proprietor of the company and has been selling coffee for 30 years.  Premiere Coffee Service provides coffee makers, coffee, tea, and a variety of supplies to businesses. Our goal is to provide the best quality coffee and the best customer service available.

— Gayle Wade