Patsy Dew

Patsy Dew Pix

I have long been interested in photography as an art form, as a means of artistic expression.  In the era of film, I was careful, judicious in planning each shot.  Digital photography has exploded possibilities for me.  I can experiment with lighting, with freezing action or with layering action shots all on one frame.  Or I can observe as I used to do, and try to record the beauty of the scene when natural illumination creates a magical moment.

About five years ago I started selling some of my images on blank greeting cards.  I worked with another artist, Leslie Schultz, to develop poster-collections of local images (doors of Northfield, St. Olaf & Carleton scenes, downtown Northfield, Northfield Primaries (colors).  During the past five years I have also exhibited enlargements of my work at the Northfield Arts Guild Gallery (Other Room), the Hideaway, the Crossings in Zumbrota and the Northfield Senior Center.

Recently I learned some techniques for making Artists’ Books, and have been enjoying creating collections of my related images, along with original poems, in one-of-a-kind books.

– Patsy Dew