August 24th Riverwalk Market Fair Hosts the Bridge Chamber Music Festival – performing 10am – 12pm in Bridge Square

Jewelry, Art and Fine Crafts, Local Produce and Artisan Foods at the August 24th Riverwalk Market Fair

NORTHFIELD, MN (August 24th, 2019). Fresh local produce and artisan foods, the area’s finest art and crafts, all at Riverwalk Market Fair, Saturday August 24th from 9AM to 1PM, rain or shine, in historic downtown Northfield’s Bridge Square.

Riverwalk Market Fair Hosts the Bridge Chamber Music Festival – Performing 10am-12pm in Bridge Square this Saturday, August 24th. 

The Bridge Chamber Music Festival in Northfield, MN brings world class musicians to a small town setting. With a variety of classical and jazz ensembles, we endeavor to thrills the audiences with the power and emotion of an intimate performance environment featuring top tier musicians. Our generous donors and a Legacy Fund grant from the State of Minnesota allow us to make these performances accessible to all in our community and beyond.

We invite you down to Bridge Square to experience and participate in this unique opportunity to experience this musical performance.

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What will draw you to the market this Saturday? Regular or new vendors – we’ve got both August 17th!

For a complete list of vendors and booths, see our events section each week for updates each Saturday.

Saturday, August 17 in Bridge Square you will visit your local favorites and experience the debut of musical guests, Vibe Tribe who is performing 10am – 1pm.

Community organizations, WINGS and Rice Co Public Health will be presenting their information.  And new this year, the Sodan Relief Fund will entertain our children and those “kids at heart” but definitely not for the faint of heart.

Featured new artist, Noah Sanders, Art or Noah Sanders will be sharing his methods to creating imaginary worlds full of characters and storylines. “A core question I wrestle with is how to capture the full essential expression of an image.  As I seek to refine my work, I seek to bring this greater experience to my audience.”

Wondering what’s in store for RWMF Saturday, August 10th?

In addition to hosting the Wandering House Project, we will be featuring community organizations such as the Community Action Center, Rayos De Unidad and the Cannon Valley Makers.

Gabriel Sparby, local musician will be performing Jazz Piano for us in Bridge Square 10am – 12pm.

New Artist, RobinsBest – Artwork by Flint will join us for her debut!

Bring your children, shop our fine arts vendors and indulge in our yummy treats.  Cheryl’s Nut Butters will make at least on more stop this season at Riverwalk Market Square 9am – 1pm Saturday August 10th Rain or Shine.