Local Produce and Artisan Foods, Art, and Fine Craft at June 10 Riverwalk Market Fair Music by Kaia Schomburg

Fresh local produce and artisan foods, the area’s finest art and crafts, and debut of the Northfield Public Library Book Bike at Riverwalk Market Fair, Saturday June 10 from 9 am to 1 pm, rain or shine, in historic downtown Northfield’s Bridge Square.


Seasonal Produce from Local Farmers, Artisan Foods, Art and Fine Crafts


Local farmers will be on hand with fresh-picked early salad greens, spinach, soil-grown tomatoes, radishes, kale, green onions, bedding plants, handmade natural soaps, and local honey.  Artisan foods include fresh-baked breads, delicious sweet and savory pastries, jams and jellies, shaved ice, and locally roasted coffee.

Photography, fiber art, jewelry, wood items, and pottery are among the art and fine crafts for sale.  All art and fine crafts are original work, designed and created by the artists.

For a complete list of the vendors scheduled for this Saturday visit www.RiverwalkMarketFair.org.


Featured Farmer:  Ruf Acres Farm

            John Besse, owner of Ruf Acres Farm, has been selling at the market fair for three years.  John and his employee, Ramon, have stated “We learned that everywhere family is implicated you will find simple, healthy, natural, delicious food and nourishment; therefore, we treat our plants as part of our family.”

The farm can be found in rural Faribault, and at the market they sell tomatoes, maple syrup, strawberries, greens, mixed vegetables, and herbs.  More information on the farm and what they sell can be found at www.rufacresfarm.com

Featured Artist:  Kathy Miller of K Miller Watercolors

Kathy’s path to becoming a watercolor painter has taken her many places.  It began in her childhood home of Falcon Heights where she developed a passion for the arts at a young age.  “I have vivid memories of spending hour upon hour in my very own drawing studio – a backyard tent made from blankets draped over the clothesline, with a do not disturb sign pinned to the opening.”  Kathy’s passion for art has never yielded.  It can be observed in her paintings this Saturday at Riverwalk Market Fair.

Her watercolor paintings reflect the beauty of nature that she sees around the U.S.  More information about Kathy and her paintings can be found at www.kmillerwatercolors.com

Featured Artist:  Zach Stadler Photography

    Zach is back at the Riverwalk Market Fair this year selling his surreal, vibrant, and adventure based photography that he has collected from his travels around the world.

Over the past several years Zach has been able to travel to some of the most exotic places in the world.   Through those travels he has developed a passion for the ocean and found photography to be the best way to portray his surreal experiences.  www.zachstadler.com

Music on June 10 by Kaia Schomburg

Ms. Schomburg will keep the crowd entertained by playing her ukulele and singing.  She is a local musician who has enjoyed playing her special music for many years. 







Vendor List:

Zach Stadler Photography

K Miller Watercolors

Wheelie Awesome Natural Products

Angie’s Accessories

Wolcott Art

Northfield Public Library Book Bike

Anna Kochevar (Youth Booth)

Seams Knotty

Prairie Creek Pottery

Goodtree Farm

Enchanted Woods

Season Flowers

Cheryl’s Nut Butters

Bumbleberry Stitch

Vagabond Cafe

Natural’s by Melissa

Kris Cupcakes

Essentials by Tracie

Mississippi Hills Produce

Ruf Acres Farm

Sogn Valley Produce

Rebecca’s Greek Kouzina

Martha’s Eats and Treats

Crack of Dawn Bakery

Music by Poor Boy’s Delight, Art and Fine Craft, Local Produce, & Artisan Foods at June 3, 2017 Riverwalk Market Fair

Favorite local artists, food & produce vendors at Opening Day

Local farmers will be on hand with fresh-picked early salad greens, spinach, rhubarb, radishes, kale, green onions, bedding plants, handmade natural soaps, maple syrup, and local honey. Artisan foods include fresh-baked breads, delicious sweet and savory pastries, spanakopita, jams and jellies, cake-in-a-jar, Greek specialties, and locally roasted coffee.  Veteran Riverwalk farm and food vendors on hand for opening day include Martha’s Eats and Treats, Mississippi Hills CSA, and Crack of Dawn Artisan Breads & Treats.  New to Riverwalk for opening day is Enchanted Woods Maple Syrup.

Ceramics, photography, fused glass art, wood items, fiber art, and hand-crafted jewelry are among the art and fine crafts for sale on opening day. Many of Riverwalk Market Fair’s favorite artists will be on hand to kick off the season, including Geralyn Thelen with fused glass plates, vases, and garden decorations, potter Barbara Zavaruha; bowl and spoon maker Brad Paulson, jeweler Cathy Collison, and many others.

Featured Farmer:  Schoolhouse Apiary

Schoolhouse Apiary has been keeping bees since 2004.  All of their bee yards are located on organically managed land and raised without antibiotics or pesticides.  Their honey goes straight from the hive to the bottle, with no heating or processing, just minimal filtering.

They’ve been selling at Riverwalk Market Fair since it’s opening season in 2010.  The couple loves talking about their bees and introducing everyone to the delicious local honey that the bees produce from different flower sources.

Featured Artist:  Prairie Sun Design

Nancy Stroessner of Apple Valley will be bringing her hand crafted purses, pillows, headbands, hair clips, hats, and scarves back again this year.  She states “It started with Barbie.  Before I was allowed anywhere near a sewing machine, I was designing evening gowns for Barbie with stick pins and pretty floral handkerchiefs, and manipulating folds of fabric into bustles and borders.”

Always sewing, always developing her skills and knowledge of sewing and handwork, and now is allowed to chase her dream of being a creator and purveyor of her own designs.  Her website is www.prairiesundesign.com


Local singer-songwriter Bobby Psenka of Poor Boy’s Delight will be at Riverwalk Market Fair debut on Opening Day.  Poor Boy’s Delight plays a mix of original music, guitar, bluegrass, rock, roots, ragtime, and many other genres.  He’ll give the market a great vibe and entertain while you peruse the artist and farmer stands.

2017 Vendors Meeting Held April 30th

At the vendor’s meeting, we introduced the Board members; we have 3 new ones–Rick Hirsch, Marcy Goss, and Anna Chance.  We introduced Brian Randolph, the new market manager.
We explained that the City of Northfield intends to end its subsidy of the market, so that, over the next three years, we need to either reduce expenses or increase income by about $10,000. So this year we are reducing our print media ads and going to more social media, increasing the number of vendor spots in the market, and increasing the $12/week vendor fee to $13/week. Next year we will continue to adjust our budget. Many people made helpful suggestions.
We answered questions from new vendors, and we handed out this year’s postcards. If you want a supply to hand out for publicity, let me know, and we can arrange to get you some.  We will also have posters to hand out to downtown businesses and tote bags for sale.
If you are interested in being a vendor this year please contact Brian @ manager@riverwalkmarketfair.org or by calling 507-301-8203.  Our first market fair is coming up soon, June 3rd from 9 am to 1 pm!