Music by Bobby & Christine; Jewelry, Art and Fine Crafts, Handmade Natural Soaps, Local Produce and Artisan Foods at August 26 Riverwalk Market Fair

Music by Bobby & Christine, fresh local produce and artisan foods, the area’s finest art and crafts, and the Northfield Public Library Book Bike, all at Riverwalk Market Fair, Saturday August 26 from 9 am to 1 pm, rain or shine, in historic downtown Northfield’s Bridge Square.


Seasonal Produce from Local Farmers, Artisan Foods, Art and Fine Crafts

Local farmers have summer produce including tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, green peppers,  sweet peppers, eggplant, patty pan squash, romaine, green and red butter lettuce, cabbage, Swiss chard, arugula, kale, kohlrabi, fennel, snow peas, spinach, radishes, green onions, potatoes, cilantro, broccoli, and herbs, as well as,  flower bouquets, locally-roasted coffee, and handmade natural soaps.

Artisan foods include fresh-baked breads, delicious sweet and savory pastries, cookies and cupcakes, jams and jellies, and locally roasted coffee.

Jewelry, fiber art, watercolor paintings, photography, glass art, and pottery are among the fine art and fine crafts for sale.  All art and fine crafts are original work, designed and created by the artists.

For a complete list of the vendors scheduled for this Saturday visit

Featured Farmer:  Groundwire Coffee

Groundwire is a small, quality focused coffee roaster based out of beautiful Northfield.  They source and roast great tasting coffee for people looking to ramp up their morning cup, and look forward to sharing some tasty coffees at the market.  Cody Larson said about his coffee “I want everyone that comes to our tent thinking that coffee is simply a bitter, brown beverage – a delivery system for caffeine and nothing more, to walk away with the realization that coffee can be enjoyable, that it can actually taste good.”

Featured Artist: Wolcott Art
The ultimate recycler, Jennifer uses her plasma cutter to cut bird garden ornament bodies and wings from old, rusty file cabinets.  She puts the parts in a cement mixer with sand to smooth and take off the finish. Then she lays out pieces and paints them with a stencil in one hand and a paint can in the other. She assembles the pieces with no attention to color or pattern — just two types of wings and two types of bird bodies put together randomly.  The stencil colors leave the birds looking like they are cut out of fabric and quilted together.   Also check out Jennifer’s tall steel garden ornaments with whimsical names – Curly Qs and Lollipops.


Vendors are needed at Riverwalk Market Fair

We are always looking for high quality farms, artisan foods, and artists as vendors for the Riverwalk Market Fair.  If you fill that description, please go to and click on “Become a Vendor”.  From there you can find applications for the 2017 season.  If you have questions email

Bobby & Christine to play August 26 at Riverwalk Market Fair

Bobby & Christine are back again at the market fair, a dynamic duo that play a mix of folk, pop, jazz standards, and early rock & roll.  They enjoy playing and singing their songs to all sorts of crowds and will be sure to get the market dancing with awesome songs on Saturday.



Vendors for Saturday 8/26:

Artists – 

Zach Stadler Photography

Brad’s Woodworking

Bumbleberry Stitch

Vagabond Cafe

Wheelie’s Awesome Natural Products

Angie’s Accessories

Trinkett Foundary

Just Me Geralyn and Glass

Prairie Creek Pottery

Emergent Visions


Farmers – 

Pheng Yang Produce

Twin Oaks Orchard

Ruthie’s Kitchen

Season Flowers

Mississippi Hills Produce

Goodtree Farmstead

Groundwire Coffee

Crack of Dawn Bakehouse

Cheryl’s Nut Butters

Sogn Valley Produce

Martha’s Eats & Treats

Kris Cupcake’s

Groveland Confections