Matthew Bunch – Jellyfish Studios

Matthew Bunch is the creator and owner of Jellyfish Studios. He is known for his surrealism and fantasy art. He draws upon his creative and whimsical imagination using brilliant Prisma color pencils and Micron ink pens. He often incorporates his beliefs regarding environmental issues and other serious world topics in a playful manner. Not unlike Highlight magazines you use to find in the dentist office, he hides many tricks and puzzles in his art to enjoy for years. Matthew was born and raised in Northfield, MN and began at age 4 taking art classes at the Art’s Guild.

Matthew loves to inspire children and adults alike to hold on to their child-like spirit and dreams. He has sold many art pieces to well-known musicians. Being a published songwriter and singer himself, he is currently working on a music album in the studio during his spare time. Matt says “Music and colorful art are the essence of my happiness, growth and humility, [and adds] “music and art transcend language, bringing different cultures together.” He does commissioned art pieces, book covers, album covers, posters and greeting cards. His art is sold at The Sketchy Artist and St. Olaf bookstore in Northfield. This Sept 13th, he will be teaching art classes through the Art’s Guild to children ages 9-12.

His Riverwalk Market Fair dates are Sept 3rd, 17th, and Oct 1st, 8th. E-mail address/ Office phone: 507-581-4852