Marybeth Coyle-Frederick

Marybeth works in printmaking and jewelry design.

Artist’s Statement: As an artist and designer I have found that the process is an inherent part of my work. I always have ideas about what I want to explore with both my jewelry and my prints, but it is the physical process of the work as it unfolds that informs what happens in my studio.  I am interested in evoking my own sensations, curiosity and mystery; making that connection with my surroundings in hope to better understand my relationship with the natural world .

My jewelry is organic in design. I work with materials that connect with  all of my senses, and aesthetics which include, semiprecious stones, leather, silver, gold, and recycled  materials of sorts.

Layers of colors and textures along with collage elements form my process within the printmaking medium.

— Marybeth Coyle-Frederick