Martha Schuetzle

I started baking for farmers’ markets about six years ago.  It started small with a few simple items, quick bread, cookies, etc.  When winter approached each year I thought about the following season and what I could do to make it more lucrative.

I have always been  a lover of bakeries and realized Northfield was lacking a pastry shop.  I launched turnovers and scones with great success and have continued to expand my pastry menu.  This year my favorite dough is Danish.  It ferments in the fridge for days before being rolled and turned, giving it great flavor.

I love the slow process of my baking. Everything is homemade. That is hard to find these days.  People would be shocked to go into the back of a bakery and see how much product comes out of a can or from the freezer, very little is made in house.  A sign of the times.  I feel that farmers’ markets themselves have that “slow down” feeling  and that is probably why I enjoy  them so much.  It has been an experience to help people enjoy the start of their weekend, their down time, with a yummy treat from my stand.

My dream is that Riverwalk Market Fair will be the place to be Saturday mornings in Northfield.  I want to see people with their grocery lists doing their shopping at market, does it get any fresher? I want to see kids running and playing with their neighbors as they enjoy live music and feeding the ducks. And, I want to see small entrepreneurs such as myself, get a start at Riverwalk.  Farmer markets are wonderful for small business owners; commitment is minimal, overhead is low, and it gives you a good taste of what it is to be your own boss and run your own business.