Marsha Kitchel

I began my small business, MKMK Studios, in 2010, one year after a job loss, and after a lifetime of painting as a hobby.

Painting mainly oils on canvas or Masonite, I love to capture the southeastern Minnesota landscape. I also love to paint people and animals, and portraits have become a larger focus of my business. Exhibiting paintings of my family members has increased portrait commissions! People especially like the portraits of ancestors I create from old black and white photos.

I occasionally pick up my pastels and grab Wallis paper to create paintings in a different medium. Switching between oil and pastel (and, occasionally, watercolor) freshens your viewpoint and keeps things from becoming stale. I sometimes use a palette knife instead of brushes, which lessens control and creates a more painterly outcome. My particular ambidextrous condition allows me to use brushes in my left hand, and palette knives in my right, so painting exercises both sides of my brain and keeps me on my toes!

– Marsha Kolstad Morrill Kitchel