Kent Koester

According to my Mother I was born then I started singing. When I was eight, I was excepted into the Northfield boys Choir to start the next season. I toured and preformed all over the country. When I was 11 we preformed for the President on July 4th, 1976 in the Rose Garden. I went to State during High School three times and was an alternate in the Wisconsin State School Choir and started playing the Guitar in 1977. When I moved back to Minnesota, I soon started proforming in a veriety of bands such as Dont, Ask, Ram-Bunk-Shush, The Cracked Pipers, to name a few of the better known. I now play with bands named Hell Cat and Bits and Pieces in La Crosse WI. along with my original band The Ancesterial Flaws. I’m a songwriter from heart, a published Poet ” just one” Like my Great Great Grandpa S.S. Lewis. I have a recording studio in my basement. I have 115 songs, four CD’s and much more to come.

– Kent Koester