Jessica Hutton

Though I am still young in my art career, throughout the experiences I have gained thus far from my adult years in the field of art, I have come to accept and confirm a good few things about myself.

Possibly the most intriguing of discoveries I have made about my art is how strongly it presents itself through bright vibrant colors, and youthful friendly imagery.

Though I have ventured into many mediums, my current tool of the trade is a wacom tablet, and the Adobe Photoshop program to which I use to create digital illustrations.

Much of these illustrations find their inspiration in my memories growing up on my family farm, my sense of humor, and my fondness for animation.  Taking those three things, I aim to create work that both charms the viewer, and gives them something to smile and relate to.

I have paused to reflect on why that could be.  Why does color and youthful imagery play such a strong role in my style?

The answer to that question is simply this:  I love making people smile, and out of all kinds of emotions, happiness is the most positive and contagious.  And though people may mature and grow in years, I have always been an advocate to being young at heart.

With that question answered the new question now becomes about where I go from here, and how can I expand and push my skills to the next level.  Well, participating in the Riverwalk this year has been one of those steps, and I have gotten a lot of useful advice from my fellow artists, but this is only the beginning.

I still have much to learn, and have recently opened my own website to host my art as yet another step to furthering my personal growth.  My hopes for the future is to develop and add to my site, breaking out of my comfort zone, and exploring other styles as well as cementing one of my own.

– Jessica Hutton