Featured Farmer Kath & Nick Zeman June 2

Featured Farmers:
Kathy &  Nick Zeman, sister-brother team


Farm: Simple  Harvest Farm Organics
Location:   Nerstrand
History of the  farm:
Our family has farmed for generations. We bought  this farm in 2006 and have spent the last six years cleaning it up and renovating it.
Local harvest:
Simple Harvest Farm Organics is an omnivore food farm.  Our land, crops and produce were certified organic in 2008. We’re incredibly happy that as of 2012 we are feeding all our livestock locally certified organic grains.
Saturday highlights:
As always — Nick’s Eggs! Also our rhubarb fruit rollups (once you try these you can’t grow enough rhubarb!), duck eggs for the fastidious bakers in the crowd, certified organic thyme and oregano transplants, and our goat milk soap.
Best  part of Riverwalk Market Fair:
We love  Riverwalk Market Fair because it is such an all-encompassing community  event. It has great food, art and entertainment. And it serves all peoples — we take SNAP cards, cash, checks and debit cards!

June  is. . .
the first month of the year that we can grill our delicious pastured poultry!  Our chickens are fed local certified organic grains and are raised on  pasture.

 What nobody knows about us:
Nick and I come from a family of 12 kids.