Featured Farmer Ruth Edstrom, June 9

Ruth Edstrom, chief cook and baker for Ruthie’s Kitchen

What is Ruthie’s Kitchen? Ruthie’s Kitchen has a diverse product line ranging from handmade caramels to breads and pastries to jams and jellies.  I also make specialty order cupcakes.

Most popular sellers at Riverwalk: Czech kolache pastries, hot peppers jams and caramels

How did you get your start? Ruthie’s Kitchen evolved out of my passion for creating handmade treats that put smiles on my guests’ faces. There is a satisfaction for both the one tasting and the one creating the treat. Following a suggestion to sell my caramels, I started with individual orders at first and then about four years ago started selling at markets.

Where do you sell your treats? Northfield Riverwalk Market Fair, Minneapolis Mid-Town Market, Minneapolis NorthEast Market and Dennison Market.

Do you have another career: I work full-time for Hennepin County in Minneapolis. I am also a nurse, and keep my license current, even though I have changed my career focus after I graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a human resources degree and started working with Hennepin County.

How do you do it all and stay sane? My husband, Merle, helps make this all work. He is the ‘hands-on’ man who does the heavy lifting and set up for my small venture. Also, my daughter and son-in-law, Sara and Chris Schearer (St. Paul), have three daughters who all offer encouragement and help to keep me going.