Fall Fruits and Vegetables, Music by Bonnie and the Clydes, a New Book Author, and Tasty Greek Treats at Saturday’s Riverwalk Market Fair

Fall fruits and vegetables, Bonnie and the Clydes, the author of the new book Chasing the Moon, and Greek sweet and savory treats are just some of what you’ll find at Northfield’s Riverwalk Market Fair on Saturday, October 19.

Seasonal Produce From Local Farmers, Artisan Foods, Art and Fine Craft

Fall produce is abundant at Riverwalk.  Fall harvest lettuce, and spinach are on hand.  Expect to find kale, carrots,

Martha's savory quiches at Riverwalk Market Fair

Martha’s savory quiches at Riverwalk Market Fair

onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, cabbage, melons, pie pumpkins, and lots of winter squash.  Zestar, State Fair, Honey Crisp, and Haralson apples are available.  All produce at Riverwalk is grown by local farmers. Artisan foods include a variety of fresh-baked breads, pastries, tarts and quiches from Martha’s Eats and Treats, Crack of Dawn Artisan Breads, and Rebecca’s Greek Kouzina.  Maria’s Taco Hut serves freshly made and wholesome Mexican food.

Watercolors, photographs, handcrafted leather goods, ceramics, glass art, hand crafted accessories, and jewelry are among the art and fine crafts for sale.  (For a complete list of the vendors scheduled for this Saturday visit www.RiverwalkMarketFair.org.)

Rebecca’s Greek Kouzina – Sweet, Savory, and Gluten Free Choices

Rebecca Stoufis carries sweet, savory, and gluten-free treats at Riverwalk Market Fair.

Rebecca Stoufis at Riverwalk Market Fair.

Rebecca Gain Stoufis has been expanding her offerings of gluten free treats all season at Riverwalk Market Fair.  Rebecca began offering weekly gluten-free cookies midway through the Riverwalk season, and she says her gluten-free customers have become her most devoted.  Her gluten-free treats nearly always sell out, so stop by early.

Baklava, spanakopita, and snickerdoodles are among Rebecca’s best sellers.  Snickerdoodles?  “Lots of people say their mom or grandmother ‘used to make snickerdoodles,’ and everyone loves them,” says Rebecca.

Author Carolyn Boehlke, Chasing the Moon

As a St. Olaf College English and Women’s Studies graduate, coming back to Northfield to

Author Carolyn Boehike with her new book "Chasing the Moon."

Author Carolyn Boehike with her new book “Chasing the Moon.”

promote her first book at Riverwalk Market Fair was a natural for first-time author Carolyn BoehlkeChasing the Moon is the story of fifteen-year-old Nadia Alvarez and her family as they enter the US without legal documentation from Mexico.  When her family is captured by the Border Patrol, Nadia is suddenly alone.  Should she allow herself to be captured to reunite with her family?  A dark and twisted turn in job and living conditions sends Nadia fleeing from Arizona to Minneapolis, where the American life her family wanted takes on a new meaning as she is torn between new opportunities and fierce loyalty to her homeland.

Come talk with Carolyn at her Riverwalk Market Fair booth and take home a copy of Chasing the Moon

Music by Bonnie and the Clydes

Bonnie and the Clydes

Bonnie and the Clydes

Bonnie Jean Flom, Scott McMillan, and Bill McGrath play favorite songs from the 60s and 70s, the time when two-thirds of the band members (Bonnie and Bill) were young.  Bonnie and the Clydes play the kind you listened to when you and friends were renting your first apartment near the campus sometime in the sixties or early seventies and your entire furniture contribution to the apartment consisted of a mattress and a coffee table made from a telephone company wooden spool…  Hear them this Saturday at Riverwalk.


Youth Activity by the Northfield YMCA

Maggie Malecha of the Northfield YMCA will host the youth activity at Saturday’s Riverwalk Market Fair – making paper plate lizards and frogs.