Spend July 4 morning at Saturday’s Riverwalk Market Fair! Music by Bobby & Christine. Martha’s Pastries, Local Foods and Produce, Metal Sculpture and Jewelry, and Fine Art and Craft

July 4th , 2015
9:00 am - 1:00 pm Bridge Square, Downtown Northfield

2015-06-27 Wolcott ArtRiverwalk Market Fair is open on July 4!

Farmers have early summer produce such as fresh-picked salad greens, head lettuce, spinach, snap peas, rhubarb, radishes, kale, cilantro, and green onions, along with tomatoes, a variety of bedding plants, flowers, honey, maple syrup, and goat milk soap. Artisan foods include fresh-baked, locally-made breads, sweet and savory pastries, baklava, cupcakes, and locally roasted coffee.

Metal garden art, pottery, fused glass art, watercolor paintings, woodworking, fiber art, and jewelry are among the art and fine craft for sale.

Martha’s Eats & Treats

Martha'sPeople line up all morning for their weekly taste of Martha’s sweet and savory croissants, scones, quiches, and tarts. In her sixth season at Riverwalk Market Fair, Martha makes everything from scratch, including all her laminated pastries, and uses regional ingredients whenever she can, including vegetables and herbs from her garden, Valley View Dairy products, and North Dakota Mill flour, which is unbleached and contains no bromates. Check out her Dundas shop as well.

Trinket Foundry’s Cathy Collison

Trinket Foundry.Cathy CollisonCathy thinks of herself as a maker, and “finds it hard to stick to one medium.” Current favorites are glass and metal, preferably in the form of already-used materials because she likes the process of transforming them into something new. She turns bottle caps into beads which in turn become jewelry, vintage silver-plated trays into charms, and is now making bangle bracelets, necklaces and drinking glasses out of old wine bottles which she cuts and tumbles until they have a beautiful, soft finish. http://www.trinketfoundry.com/

Jennifer Wolcott of Wolcott Art

Jennifer WolcottMetal artist Jennifer Wolcott welds steel into one-of-a-kind arbors, gates, railings, sculpture and distinctive garden structures—including her tall spirals and loops, Lollipops and Curly Qs. Wolcott’s beautifully crafted steel sculptures have graced homes and gardens throughout Northfield, the Twin Cities and elsewhere. Working with recycled metals as well, old, rusty filing cabinets are cut and painted into colorful, patterned birds. www.wolcottart.com


Music by Bobby & Christine

"Bobby & Christine" are an acoustic duet featuring two voices and onBobby & Christinee guitar. Their sets feature well known Americana songs, some instrumental picking originals, lots of harmonies and fairly elaborate arrangements.  Ballads and livelier songs from Louis Armstrong to Pete Townshend, from Woody Guthrie to the Beatles, are often dolled up with riffs, harmonies, stalls, and key changes. 


  • 2 Wired Sisters
  • Angie's Accessories
  • Bumbleberry Stitch
  • C4
  • Cannon River Bowl & Spoon
  • David Peterson
  • Just Me Geralyn and Glass
  • K. Miller Watercolors
  • Klaypotz
  • Prairie Creek Pottery
  • Prairie Sun Design
  • Sunset Studios (Saye-Willis)
  • Sweet Creek Originals
  • Trinket Foundry
  • Wolcott Art
  • Bluebird Cakery
  • Honey Patch Apiaries
  • Martha's Eats & Treats
  • Mississippi Hills
  • Prairie Creek Berries
  • Rebecca's Greek Kouzina
  • Ruf Acres Farm
  • Seasons Fresh
  • Stoke Coffee Roasters
  • Waterford Soaps
  • Wheelie Awesome Natural Products
  • Youth Booth:  Green Earth Produce