Music by Jon Larson, Paint with the Northfield Arts Guild. Ceramics, Jewelry, Local Produce and Foods, Fine Art and Craft

September 26th , 2015
9:00 am - 1:00 pm Bridge Square, Downtown Northfield

Barbara Z Elf House.wideSeasonal Produce from Local Farmers, Artisan Foods, Art and Fine Craft

Farmers have early fall produce such as fresh salad greens, melons, fall apples, radishes, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, kohlrabi, cucumber, potatoes, peppers, beets, onions, carrots and herbs, as well as tomatoes, flowers, and honey.

Artisan foods include fresh-baked locally-made sweet and savory pastries, breads, baklava, cookies, cupcakes, and locally roasted coffee.

Ceramics, jewelry, fiber art accessories, painting, fused glass, woodwork, and metal outdoor art are among the art and fine craft for sale.

Featured Farmers’ Market Vendor Wheelie Awesome Natural Products

Wheelie.2015-08-15.smWynne Turner began making soaps when she discovered that one of her children was sick—and it wasn’t genetic, it was environmental. She began exploring ways to reduce toxins in their home environment and in their personal care products. As an avid baker, Wynne decided that making soap was akin to baking—measure and mix—and has been exploring new soap- and body care product-making techniques using natural and organic ingredients ever since. She started selling her products in her husband’s Rosemount bicycle shop (hence the name, Wheelie) and finds soap making a creative outlet and a change of pace from her regular job in legal compliance.

Featured Artist Barbara Zaveruha of Prairie Creek Pottery

BZ.2015-06-20.smIn the early 1990’s, Barbara came across some clay in the woods, took it home, searched for information, cleaned the clay, made pinch pots, and fired them in the fireplace.  She says, “Loved it.  Loved the idea of starting with earth and ending with dishes.”

Most of Barbara’s work is now thrown on a Japanese-style kick-wheel, but she also make slab-built plates, trays, and vases. Some pieces are decorated with carvings, impressions, or slips before being glazed. Her high temperature firing (2350 °F), in either a propane kiln or a wood-fired kiln, gives a strong, nonporous body and a hard glaze that is resistant to scratching and leaching, also making pieces microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

Featured Artists Katie Saied and Andres Gonzalez of Pura Vida

Katie & Andres Pura Vida 2015-08-22.smAndres’s upbringing in a family of artisans in Costa Rica taught him the fine techniques he uses to create his jewelry—setting gemstones in silver and copper, and cutting intricate shapes out of coconut shells–not with a laser cutter but by hand with a jeweler’s saw! Katie sets large semi-precious stones in fine macramé, creating bracelets and necklaces. Although Andres has been making and selling his jewelry for years in Guatemala, where he and wife Katie met, this is the first year he has been selling in the States, as he has just recently been able to move here to join Katie.

Artist Jovy Rockey of Homespun Artisan

Jovy Rockey 2015-08-29.smAlso at Market this week is jeweler Jovy Rockey. Jovy makes hand forged metal jewelry with natural gemstones in simple, minimalist styles.

Youth Activity Booth: painting with the Northfield Arts Guild

Join the Northfield Arts Guild at the Youth Activity booth to paint fall paintings (of apples, leaves, and other fall things) using pointillism.



Live Music by Jon Larson

Local musician Jon Larson, known to many as “The Norwegian Cowboy,” has described his music as “not too loud …not too quiet. It’s good old-school country music. Hank Williams, the obligatory Johnny Cash. You’re going to hear some good old ‘70s rock stuff, you’re going to hear some Bob Seger, you’re going to hear a lot of Neil Diamond.” Jon has gladly agreed to come out of semi-retirement to do some Busking for the United Way. Don’t miss this special appearance by a beloved Northfield minstrel!


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