Crack of Dawn

Our love for fresh, hearty bread made an easy transition from baking for ourselves and family dinner get-togethers to baking for other locals at the Riverwalk Market Fair.  When thinking up this new venture, Chris and I wanted a name that was catchy and memorable, but didn’t sound like we take ourselves too seriously.  After-all, this idea to bake breads by the oven-full was going to be something we want to enjoy and not stress over too much (who needs more stress these days, right)?  So, Chris suggested “Crack of Dawn” as our new name, since that’d be exactly when we’d have to get up (sometimes even before “the Crack”) to make enough fresh loaves to share with you.

Crack of Dawn offers essential loaves of French Boule and Whole Wheat as staples each week and will add a different type of bread as specialty loaves according to the season, such as Onion & Rosemary Focaccia loaves, Sun-Dried Tomato, and Wild Rice Bread.

— Chris and Lori Momberg