Barbara Zaveruha

Barbara Zaveruha makes high fire stoneware, mainly on a Japanese style kick-wheel. She fires her stoneware in a kiln that reaches up to 2350 degrees F. This ensures a stone hard non-porous exterior that is also resistant to scratching and leaching.

Barbara’s passion began when she came across some clay next to her home. She decided to bring it home and do a little research. She ended up with pinch pots that she heated to completion in her fireplace. In her words she, “Loved it. Loved the idea of starting with earth and ending with dishes!”

From then on she began taking formal pottery classes. Most of her work is fired at the Halling kiln;  Barbara has plans for her own wood kiln soon.

All items are of extreme high quality and elegance. The designs on the various pieces are carved or stamped before being fired, and some are done in contrasting slip under a transparent glaze. She has styles ranging from Japanese to wheat grass Midwestern. Some are glossy while others have a tactile rustic look.

All items were made without the use of: lead, cadmium, or manganese and are microwave/dishwasher safe.

Come check out her wares down at Riverwalk Market Fair!