Anne Archibald

Anne Archibald, a senior at Northfield High School, can remember her first baked creation.  It was a small packaged white cake mix carefully stirred and put into to her Easy Bake oven. That was about 13 years ago but she knew she was hooked and since that time Anne has made many pastry and confectionary creations. She decided to join the Riverwalk Farmers Market when it began last summer and on the suggestion of her father, John Archibald, decided to call her stand Archibald Mills due to the family connection to the Archibald Mills in Dundas.

At her stand Anne offers all homemade baked goods including old fashioned sour cream coffee cake, cookies, bars, pies and most recently some gluten free items.  “There were so many customers in Northfield requesting gluten free products, so I did some reading and got some great recipes from friends whose diets are gluten free. I often run out of those items first,” said Anne. In addition to the baked goods Anne sells free trade coffee early in the morning, (the other vendors are her best customers), and lemonade and bottled water later in the day. She uses Nick’s Eggs in her products and either picks her own berries for her pies at a local berry farm or buys them from other vendors at the Riverwalk Market Fair. Anne gets little sleep on Friday nights as she wants everything to be fresh which requires baking late into the night.  She waits until the morning to make the cinnamon coffee cake and it is often delivered warm by her mother, Lucy, while Anne is setting up her stand.

Anne not only has an interest in baking, but she is also a very serious student. She is in the National Honor Society and is part of a mentoring program for autistic girls called GIFT  (Girls Improving Friendships Together ). She participates in the high school Ski Club, Golf and volunteers at Millstream Commons Assisted Living. She is a member of a mother daughters book club nine years running and is the President of the Junior Board at the Community National Bank of Northfield.

Her twin brother, Easton, has run the stand when Anne has been away and has noticed a marked improvement in her baking skills since those long ago days of the Easy Bake Oven.

– Lucy Archibald