Alexander’s Ragtime Brass Band, Bee Watching! Recycled Coffee Bag Totes, & Heirloom Tomato Varieties from Spring Wind Farm at Saturday’s Riverwalk Market Fair

Riverwalk Market Fair, August 2014

Riverwalk Market Fair, August 2014

Northfield’s Riverwalk Market Fair, Saturday, August 30, from 9 am to 1 pm – rain or shine. Located Downtown on Bridge Square. Summer Produce, Artisan Foods, Art and Fine Craft.

Summer Produce, Artisan Foods, Art and Fine Craft

Farmers have summer produce including fresh-picked salad greens, green beans, broccoli, zucchini, Asian and head cabbage, kohlrabi, cucumber, kale, potatoes, carrots and herbs, along with eggs, and flowers. Locally grown heirloom, cherry, and Roma tomatoes are now available. Artisan foods include fresh-baked breads and delicious sweet and savory pastries jams, jellies, jams, and pickles.

Photographs, handcrafted leather goods, ceramics, fused glass art, fiber art, greeting cards, hand crafted accessories, and jewelry are among the art and fine crafts for sale.

Betsy Allister of Spring Wind Farm with newest farmer Faye Claribel.

Betsy Allister of Spring Wind Farm with newest farmer Faye Claribel.

Heirloom and Hybrid Tomatoes from Spring Wind Farm

What is an Heirloom tomato? Betsy Allister of Spring Wind Farm says heirlooms are usually defined as any open-pollinated tomato from pre-1950. More poetically, the Seed Savers organization says that an heirloom seed is one that has a story. Open pollinated plants reproduce true from seed. Most heirloom tomatoes produce fewer fruit and have thinner skin than hybrids, so they don’t ship

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

well. Spring Wind Farm has chosen their heirloom and hybrid tomatoes for the best available combination of flavor, productivity, and resistance to split skin. Cherokee Purple is a large, rich, sweet fruit and is Betsy’s favorite for pizza and sandwiches. Stripped German is more tart, with more acid. The Valencia is an orange colored tomato. Besty and Andrew also grow what they consider the tastiest hybrids – Jetstar, Big Beef, and Martha Washington.

Regulars at Riverwalk may wonder why they haven’t seen Betsy’s husband Andrew for a while. He is spending Saturdays framing up their new house to get the new building enclosed for winter. Betsy and

James Curren of JavaCycle.

James Curren of JavaCycle making tote bags.

baby Faye Claribel are holding down the fort at Riverwalk.

Recycled Totes from Recycled Coffee Bags

What to do with thousands of coffee bags from Guatemala, Costa Rica and Peru, with lovely imprints of birds and flowers — tons of them collected through the operation of James Curren’s other business, Providence Coffee? James added recycled leather and canvas from recycled cotton to create JavaCycle tote bags and

JavaCycle tote bag.

JavaCycle tote bag.

accessories. James knows the coffee business from his years in international finance and commodities. After exiting the corporate world in 2004 he started his organic, fair trade coffee business from his home in Faribault, and from then began creating totes from the recycled coffee bags. You can find JavaCycle totes on Etsy, at Caribou Coffee and Dunn Brothers, and right here at Riverwalk Market Fair.

Alexander’s Ragtime Brass Band and Bee Watching for Kids.

Faribault’s Alexander’s Ragtime Brass, featuring two trumpets, a French horn, a valve

A bee hive from Schoolhouse Apiary

A bee hive from Schoolhouse Apiary.

trombone and a tuba, plays music ranging from the Baroque period to modern jazz.  This reprise of the crowd favorite Vintage Band Festival will be a brass band treat.

Kids (and adults) can learn about bees from Riverwalk’s Schoolhouse Apiary. Come visit an observation hive with a glass cover and see of you can spot the queen. Try the honey samples and bee costume!