Mission & Governance

The mission of Riverwalk Market Fair to provide Northfield-area farmers, food artisans, and artists with a venue to show and sell their products during the summer months.

Vendors generated over $752,000 in revenue since Riverwalk Market Fair’s first season in 2010. In 2014 vendors sales reached $151,275 (6% increase).

The Fair also contributes to the vitality of downtown businesses. In addition to spending money at the Fair, a 2013 research study showed that Fair visitors spent $180,000 at local businesses — a 27% increase over 2012.

The all-volunteer team of local artists and farmers who operate the Fair’s 20 Saturday summer season are dedicated to making the vendor experience and that of its visitors the best it can be.

Their efforts along with the financial support from the City of Northfield, Economic Development Authority, Northfield’s Convention and Visitors Bureau and other community partners are what make Riverwalk Market Fair possible.


Riverwalk Market Fair is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors from the community.

2018 Board Members:

Michael Sparby, Chair

Barbara Zaveruha, Treasurer

Adam Weeks, Secretary

Martha Kasper

Richard M. Hirsch

Anna Chance

 Marcy Goss

 Teresa Jensen

Lisa Peterson

Emeritus Advisors 

Kathy Zeman  

Betsey Buckheit 

Geralyn Thelen 

John Thomas

If you would like to explore the possibility of serving or questions for the board, please get in touch via board@riverwalkmarketfair.org