A Recipe for Good Health

Farmers markets are on the rise all over the country and Northfield is no exception as it is hard at work making a local food infrastructure happen in our community. The movement of buying locally grown foods has been making a substantial upward trend. A recent report titled Market Forces: Creating Jobs through Public Investment in Local and Regional Systems states, “Local and regional food-product markets have grown rapidly in recent years and have become entrenched. The number of farmers markets in the United States increased from just 340 in 1970 to more than 7,000 today, and there are now more than 4,000 CSAs.”

By selling direct, local farmers can best meet the needs of their consumers (their friends, neighbors and area restaurants and schools) because they hear first-hand what they want.  The food is fresh, typically providing higher nutrition, and that is a competitive edge to many consumers. Furthermore, the entrepreneurs spur the local economy and add more jobs as they grow.

Riverwalk Market Fair, which offers farmers’ goods in addition to artist works, recently collaborated with Northfield Hospital & Clinics to provide healthy recipes using locally grown foods. (Find their recipes in the latest issue of Radish Magazine.)

For more recipes visit Riverwalk Market Fair’s blog at www.riverwalkmarketfair.org and look for “Recipes from the Area.”  New recipes are brought to Market Fair throughout the season. Collect them all!